For my Free Inquiry I have chosen to focus on students that have special educational needs in Physical Education.  By special education I am referring to students with some type of learning difficulty which calls for a special educational provision. I am very interested and passionate about this topic. My goal for this blog is to provide my peers, and other colleagues, with different strategies and resources that they could use when teaching games in PHE with students who have a special education designation.

As a future educator I believe it’s imperative that more teachers should be educated on how to effectively  teach students who have some sort of a disability. When teaching any class, teachers will always have a wide spectrum of students who learn differently, have different abilities, and disabilities. Teachers must firstly assess each student and then alter their teaching style to cater to each students learning needs. It is the teachers responsibility to work with their students to create more inclusive learning environments, regardless of different students disabilities.

An average school day for student’s who have some sort of disability can be extremely challenging. For typical students who find school relatively easy, it maybe hard for them to fully understand what special ed students go through in a school day, and also on a day to day basis. Social interaction, understanding instruction, not fully being able to read non-verbal cues, sharing and co-operating with other students, and organization and mental planning are just some struggles that these students go through.



Please have a listen to this video!!! It is only two minutes. Before any teacher starts their career they should listen to these videos because it will help teachers realize and appreciate what students who have a disability go through on a day to day basis. The Dear Teacher video illustrates how teachers MUST listen to the voices of their students, and realize that every student learns a different way. It’s not the students responsibility to change, it’s the teachers responsibility to create a more inclusive learning and working environment, regardless of the disability.