I wanted to share an experience about why video analysis can be a useful teaching tool in high school sports. When I was in grade 12 I was on the senior boys basketball team. About mid way through the season we filmed one of our games, and also filmed a practice which was heavily focused on shooting. Having these two activities filmed was extremely helpful, and was an eye opening experience to me.

Video analysis allows coaches and athletes to take a critical look at an athlete’s performance in order to improve skills, develop strategy, and to prevent injury. The great thing about video analysis is that it can capture small details in technique that are often missed when watching athletes live, or when a coach is just explaining details to an athlete in a conversation.

Having our basketball game filmed was beneficial because it allowed us to focus on the smaller details that sometimes can’t be seen or shown verbally by a coach etc. Being able to fast forward/rewind and zoom in and out was quite useful. Having a coach giving feedback while also having a visual tool was something that really helped me. Having our shooting practice filmed was amazing because it helped me so much.

Overall I definitely encourage sport teams to use video analysis!!!!!!!!!