In today’s class five students from Colquitz Middle School and their teacher visited our class and talked to us about Minecraft. The teacher spoke very highly of Minecraft, and mentioned several times how it can be such a useful teaching tool. I really enjoyed today’s class because I have never thought about using Minecraft in a classroom, but after hearing the students and teacher talk so highly about it, I am definitely open to the idea now.

Today’s class was great because I have never played Minecraft before. I have seen some friends and family play before but that’s about it. I found the class very engaging and loud today. So many of my peers were collaborating and critically thinking together.

I was also very impressed by the five Colquitz students today. They were so knowledgable and passionate about this topic. I asked all the students a variety of questions and every time they provided me with a helpful answer.

Would I incorporate Minecraft into my classroom?

This is a tricky question for me because my teachable is PHE. So incorporating this into PHE would be tricky. At the same time, I’m very open to teaching middle school in my career, and if I was in that environment I would definitely use Minecraft every once and a while.